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During the Lenten season, we encourage you to “Let Go to Go Deeper.” The Lenten season is a time where we inventory our time and commitment to God and create space to strengthen old disciplines or adopt new disciplines that help us grow closer to God. God desires broken people, who are willing to be drawn closer to God. We hope that whatever you “let go” will help you create more room for God and “go deeper” with God in your life. We hope you’ll join us each week as we share different spiritual disciplines that you can practice.

In addition, we will be creating space within our own worship services to help you practice and experience God in these ways. Some disciplines we’ll be looking at are: solitude, service, worship, guidance, and submission. We can’t wait to worship with you in this season of “Letting Go to Go Deeper!"

SCRIPTURE PASSAGE: Luke 15:1-3, 11b-32

THIS WEEK’S BIG IDEA: God’s guidance is for us to be closer, not to be condemned.